1969 – 1981 General Motors NOS Transmission Oil Pump Cover GM #464181


This new old stock transmission oil pump cover  was manufactured by General Motors for use on the following models:

Buick  1969-1975 All with TH350-375B,

Buick  1976 All with A.T. (M38, M39),

Buick  1977-1980  All with A.T. (M33, M38),

Buick  1981  A with A.T. (M33) Export, Canada,

Buick  1981  C with A.T. (MX2),

Cadillac  1980 C with M33 transmission,

Chevrolet  1969-1975 with T.H.350,

Chevrolet  1976-1979  Corvette with A.T. (M38),

Chevrolet  1976-1980  All with A.T. (M33, M38) except 1976-1977 H,

Chevrolet  1980  Corvette with A.T. (M33),

Chevrolet  1981  Corvette with A.T. (MX3),

Chevrolet  1981  A, B, F with A.T. (MX3, MX2),

Chevrolet  Pickup  1970-1978 All, Blazer with T.H.350,

Chevrolet  Pickup  1979-1980  CKPG-1, 2, 3  with T.H.350,

GMC 1972-1977  Sprint with T.H.350,

Oldsmobile 1969-1975 with T.H.350,

Pontiac 1969-1975 All with M38 H.T.,

Pontiac 1976-1980  All with A.T. (M33, M38),

Pontiac  1981  F with A.T. (M33, M38) W/NM5, NM6 ( Export, Canada ),

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