1968 – 1986 General Motors NOS Wheel To Drum Nut GM # 414188


This new old stock front seat belt guide cover  was manufactured by General Motors for use on the following models:

Buick  1969-1975  A, H, X with Silver Paint or Chrome wheel,

Buick 1976 – 1979 A,B,H,X with Silver or Chrome Wheels except BZ

Buick  1980 A, B, H,

Buick  1981 A with Polycast (PE4), Chrome (P12),

Buick  1981 B with Rally (N98),

Chevrolet  1971-1975 Chevelle, Nova, Camaro with Mag type wheel,

Chevrolet  1976-1979 A, F, H, X,

Chevrolet Pickup  1979-1982 K1,

Chevrolet Pickup  1982-1984 K1 with Rally (N67), Styled (PA6),

Chevrolet Pickup  1982 K-1 (03-16)with Aluminum Wheel (PH7) – 1st design

Oldsmobile 1968-1970 F85 Super Stock – 2nd type;

Oldsmobile  1971-1972 F85 Custom Sport or Trim Wheel,

Oldsmobile 1973-1975 All X opt N67;

Oldsmobile  1973-1974 AF,AG,AJ29-57 opt N66,N67,

Oldsmobile  1974-1975 AF,AG,AJ29-57 opt N71,N72,

Oldsmobile  1975 All H Option N73,

Oldsmobile  1976-1978 A, B, H, X,

Oldsmobile  1979 A, H, X  with Sport Wheel – N66, N73, PA3,

Oldsmobile 1980-1981 A, H with Sport Wheel – N66, N67,

Oldsmobile  1981 A with Rally Wheel – N67,

Pontiac 1971 – 1975 All with Rallly ll or Honey Comb except B, H, 

Pontiac 1975 All H with Rally lll Wheels

Pontiac 1976 -1981 All with Mag Type Wheels

Pontiac  1984-1985  B with Custom Sport Wheel – N83,

Pontiac  1984-1985  B69 with Rally ll Wheel – N98,

Pontiac  1986  B ( 4.3Z, 305H, 307Y ) with Rally ll Wheel – PC5,

Replaced 1231722 and 399683 on 7/74   Replaced 9780732  on 6/75

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