1973 – 1975 General Motors NOS Power Brake Vacuum Cylinder Rebuild Kit GM # 18000155


This new old stock power brake vacuum cylinder rebuild kit was manufactured by General Motors for use on the following models:

Buick  1974-1975  All Century, Regal ( A ),

Chevrolet  1975  Chevelle with V8,

Oldsmobile  1973-1974  Cutlass, Cutlass “S” Hardtop Coupe, Cutlass Supreme with  455 engine 4BC Option JL2 (AF, AG, AJ29-57),

Oldsmobile  1973  Cutlass “S” Hardtop Coupe  option L77 (AG37),

Oldsmobile  1973  Vista Cruiser 2-seat wagon (AJ35),

Oldsmobile  1974  All A option JL2, L75,

Oldsmobile  1974  Cutlass, Cutlass “S” Hardtop Sedan  option JL2, L34 (AG29, AJ29)

Oldsmobile  1974 Cutlass “S” Hardtop Coupe with  option L76, JL2  (AG37)

Oldsmobile  1974  Cutlass “S” Hardtop Coupe  (AG37) with option  JL2, L34 with CAC,

Oldsmobile  1974  Vista Cruiser, Cutlass Supreme Vista Cruiser (AH, AJ35),

Oldsmobile  1974  Cutlass “S” Hardtop Coupe  (AJ57) with 350 engine option JL2, Y78,

Oldsmobile  1975 Cutlass “S” Hardtop Coupe, Cutlass Supreme Cruiser, Vista Cruiser  2-seat wagon  (AG37, AH, AJ35),

Oldsmobile  1975  Cutlass, Cutlass “S” Hardtop Coupe, Cutlass Supreme (AF, AG, AJ29-57)  Option JL2, L74,

Oldsmobile  1975  Cutlass Hardtop Sedan, Cutlass “S” Hardtop Coupe ,Cutlass Supreme Hardtop Sedan (AG, AJ29) option JL2, LV8, L34,

Oldsmobile  1975  Cutlass Supreme Hardtop Coupe (AJ57)  option JL2, LV8, L34,Y78,

Pontiac  1975  All Lemans, Grand Lemans, Grand Am, Grand Prix (A, G) with Moraine Power Brakes and V8

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